Is a PhD in Business Worth It?

A PhD in business is a huge investment–both for your career and your wallet. With the rising cost of tuition it’s easy to question whether or not getting an advanced degree is actually worth it.

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics 2010 report, only .9% of the U.S. population has earned their doctoral degree. Therefore, the truth is there are some really great jobs out there that you can only get with a PhD degree.

With a PhD in business you will typically go into a teaching or research career. The following are the benefits of following one of these directions:


Most professors are required to have a PhD degree. As a professor you are able to enrich the lives of students, passing on the knowledge you’ve gained through your own advanced level studies. Additionally, after spending your own 4 to 5 years in advanced academics you’ll understand the system better than anyone, all the more reason to go into an advanced teaching education.

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, in May 2010 professors made a median income of $62,050, though other sources marked it anywhere between $82,375 to 102,980. This is a large amount of money for a beginning professor. This salary is typically higher the further in postsecondary education that you go, too.

Overall the life of a professor has many perks, only earned through a PhD. While becoming a professor you’ll also have time to explore your own personal interests.
Being a professor is much like being an entrepreneur and success is based upon your own efforts.


A component of being a professor is also publishing research. Being able to have your name on your own research, plus getting it published through a high-standing academic school will have positive affects on your career and notoriety. You’ll also be able to work with great professors and researchers in your business field, attend top conferences around the nation, and have access to the best and most qualified information and experts.

With a PhD you’ll have many doors open for you. Even after completing the degree, if you decide you would rather not teach or research, you’ll have a high enough degree that you’ll be able to get a job in any sort of business or corporation or become a top executive. No matter the path you take, a PhD will help you get to your destination.

Online Graduate Degrees for Business

Walden University — Walden University has the largest selection of online graduate degrees in Business. Their course catalogues contains DBA programs in everything from International Business or Leadership to Social Impact Management. They also have a very versatile general program. Walden is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission.
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University of Liverpool — The University of Liverpool is popular among international students typically seeking graduate programs. The school has a DBA program that can be completed entirely online and provides more flexibility in completing and turning in assignments. The school has a Royal Charter enabling them to offer bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees.
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Capella University — Capella University’s selection of available online programs spans over 1600 courses. It should be no surprise that they offer many graduate degrees in Business, including PhD in Business, DBA in Leadership, and a DBA in Strategy and Innovation. Capella is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission.
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Northcentral University — Northcentral University has over 10,000 students currently enrolled either online or on-site. The school has two doctoral programs: DBA in International Business and PhD in International Business. The DBA program focuses on preparing students for leaderships roles while the PhD program is more research-centered.
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Grand Canyon University — Grand Canyon University is regionally accredited by The Higher Learning Commission—one of six recognized organizations by the DOE. GCU is a smaller school offering programs online or at the campus. Students can pursue a DBA in Management or an EdD in Organizational Leadership as they ready themselves to work in high-level positions.
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Keiser University — Keiser University has an online division as well as 14 campuses in the country. Keiser is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and has almost 20,000 students enrolled. Keiser offers a DBA in Global Business and in Global Organizational Leadership.
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Argosy University — At Argosy University, students can seek their DBA general degree or DBA in International Business through online courses. The latter focuses more on global economies, international business strategies, and how trade between countries can affect other regions in the world. Based out of Orange, California, the school is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.
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California InterContinental University — If you are seeking careers on a global scale, the Doctorate in Global Business and Leadership from California InterContinental University is a great choice to advance your career. This program is designed with working professionals in mind. CICU is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council.
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